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Tall Wood Buildings in the U.S. – A Codes and Standards Update

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The recent introduction of CLT in the 2015 National Design Specification® for Wood Construction (NDS®) and the 2015 International Building Code has opened an exciting new chapter in wood construction. There is also an effort underway by the International Code Council (ICC) to recognize the use of mass timber elements in taller, combustible construction through the work of the ICC Tall Wood Ad Hoc Committee (TWAH). This presentation will provide an overview of the current state of Tall Wood Structures in the US as well as an update on the TWAH.
Lori Koch graduated from Penn State University with a BS in Civil Engineering, and from Clemson University with an MS in Civil Engineering. Upon graduating from Clemson, Lori was employed as a forensic structural engineer with SK&A in suburban Washington, D.C. She then enrolled at Virginia Tech where she earned a Master of Forestry degree in the Department of Wood Science and Forest Products. After graduating from Virginia Tech, Lori joined the American Wood Council in Leesburg, VA where she now works as the Manager of Educational Outreach.