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Accelerate 2019 AMS360/Vertafore Agency Platform Class Recordings

35 Course items

This is a collection of AMS360 and Vertafore Agency Platform courses presented during Accelerate in Cincinnati.  Each class includes an audio/video recording and presentations materials submitted by the educators.

Session Recordings include:

AMS101-What's New with AMS360 and Vertafore Agency Platform In this session, Vertafore leaders will review the latest releases of AMS360, and give you a peek into what's next for this amazing product.
AMS121-Words matter: Learn the Latest on eDocs, Text Setups and eForms We will be taking a look at eDoc delivery, connectivity, text setups and eForms. This session will be supplemented with continuing webinars offered by NetVU following conference.
AMS122-AMS360 18R1 Release: Hear from Users How They Are Using These New Features Join this group discussion about how fellow users have implemented and benefited from the newest features released with 18R1.
AMS123-Financial Center Overview & Accounting Tips (RJE) This is where all the information flows! Come see how to keep track of unprinted checks or invoices. Check receipts that need to be deposited or Direct Bill Deposit Payments that haven't been fully processed. Cover Daily Process, track commissions, accounts current and Vendor Payables all in one place! There is so much here. Recommended for those studying for Accounting Certification.
AMS124-What's New in Accounting It's finally our turn! Come find out how much has been added to Accounting functionality in the 18R1 and 18R2 releases.
AMS211-All in the Family: How to Use AMS360 Data to Sort Out Acquisitions, Business Origin and Relationships Releases 18R1 and 18R2 give us additional opportunities of how to classify our business, book commissions, set up relationships. This session will be supplemented with continuing webinars offered by NetVU following conference.
AMS212-Form Letter Libraries: Are You Using Your Stored Data Efficiently? We'll discuss the Forms Letter Library and Target lists. Effective use of these tools allows you to pull out your system data efficiently and accurately to save time in communication with customers.
AMS213-Accounting: Customer Center Invoicing This class will review how to bill using the customer center. We will focus on Agency Billed invoicing, reviewing transaction premium and fees, full pay and installments. We'll look at the register view and invoice view, voids and corrections & more.
AMS214-Accounting Configuration Setups This setups class will help you understand why AMS360 runs the way it does. If you weren't the person to originally do the setups or if you are studying for Accounting Certification, this class will explain a lot!
AMS215-Sircon regulatory update - what you need to know in 2019 State regulations are constantly changing. In this session we share what changed in 2018 and look ahead what's coming from regulators in 2019, including uniformity initiatives, cyber security, and more.
AMS221-You Say What? Learn How to Have Data Pushed to You through Alerts, Scheduled Reports and My Agency Reports Mirror, mirror on the wall, let me see the beauty of it all. Letting your data come to you. Learn about Alerts, Scheduled Reports, My Agency Reports, WorkSmart Process Dashboard and Process Analytics. This session will be supplemented with continuing webinars offered by NetVU following conference.
AMS222-How Do You Look? Find Out How to Use View Options to Maximize Usability Learn how to benefit from customized Views to maximize your View and View options to improve your efficiency.
AMS223-Are You Using This Awesome FREE Tool: DOC360? DOC360 is the best kept secret for having data in one place and using it over and over. Learn what you don't know about this great tool.
AMS224-Accounting Administration Setups Agency Accounting Options, Chart of Accounts, Banks, Billing Charges & Credits...all this and more in this class! Recommended for those studying for Accounting Certification.
AMS225-AMS19R1 functionality: GAAP Revenue Recognition Reports Is your agency subject to new GAAP revenue recognition reporting rules? We're here to help. Join some of your fellow finance and accounting experts in discussing these GAAP regulations and learn about new reports launching with AMS360 19R1 that will help you report your revenue to meet these GAAP guidelines.
AMS226-AMS19R1 functionality: Service Agreements Doing more of your business as fee agreements or contracts, rather than as commissions on specific policies? Tired of creating fake policies to represent these fee agreements. Join us to learn about the new Service Agreement feature in AM360 19R1 that will allow you to manage these fee agreements.
AMS231-Getting Cozy: Merging customers NEW with 18R2 - Let's talk about what happens when we can merge customers together. When two becomes one! This session will be supplemented with continuing webinars offered by NetVU following conference.
AMS232-Documentation Tells A Story: Activity Grouping Writes the Narrative A look at alternatives to Activity Grouping to manage file documentation.
AMS233-Accounting: Receivables/Deposits This class reviews the customer and carrier receipts, deposits, corrections and voids. We'll look at the bank views, customer and company register and receivables reporting.
AMS234-Direct Bill Configuration Start from the beginning to understand the complexities of Direct Bill Setup. We will look at agency and company setup, options for Direct Bill processing, Download settings, using the Partner/Carrier guide and more! A must to understand download! Recommended for those studying for Accounting Certification.
AMS235-What’s new with PL Rating along with Tips and Tricks for PL Rating, CRQ (Consumer Rate Quotes) and creating efficiencies with integrated 3rd party data products from LexisNexis, CoreLogic and TransUnion #1 There will be a review of the 7 product enhancements with Tips and Tricks to the product in the last 14 months including such items as: 1) Templates to set defaults to General and Carrier specific questions, 2) Quick coverage change process & new display of coverage differences, 3) Screen layout changes in CA and what's coming for your state, 4) RMV Connection for Massachusetts , 5) Upgrade plan for FSC legacy agencies in CA, TX and FL, 6) CRQ updates, 7) Email options, 8) New Reports and 9) Peek at what's on the schedule for later in the year.
AMS241-Exploring Options for Security: Security Groups, DOC360 Setup and VSSO Why VSSO (Vertafore Single Sign On) and why Native still works, What is security all about? We'll explore security options and settings within the AMS360 Product. This session will be supplemented with continuing webinars offered by NetVU following conference.
AMS242-Open Discussion Roundtables Join this round table session facilitated by fellow users to get answers to YOUR questions about using AMS360 features.
AMS243-Accounting: Month/Year-end Best Practices Do you have a checklist for end of month processes? Do you know which reports you should be looking at? Do you understand what needs to happen at end of year? Let's get together and compare notes. Recommended for those studying for Accounting Certification.
AMS244-Licensing and compliance with Sircon AgencyEDGE Improve your licensing and compliance turnaround time and accuracy with Sircon AgencyEDGE. Learn tips & tricks and best practices to make your licensing processes more efficient by connecting with your agents. Get a first-hand look at Sircon for Individuals, a fresh new experience for individual agents and insurance professionals to manage their own licensing and continuing education.
AMS311-Using Data for Daily Tasks: Learn How Target Lists and Form Letters Work to Streamline Communications Let's look at the daily tasks that give you the ability to look at your data and let the system do the heavy lifting. This session will be supplemented with continuing webinars offered by NetVU following conference.</p>
AMS312-What's In The Batters Box: See What's Next with Renewal Tool and Expiring Source A comprehensive review of the Renewal Tool and Expiring Source.
AMS313-Accounting: Vendor Payables Vendor payables is all about ease of payment and cash flow reporting. Come learn the benefits of setting up your vendor invoices for easy payment and budgeting.
AMS314-Direct Bill Statement Processing Now that you have the setups taken care of, let's go through the Statement Billing processes, how they differ and the ramifications of each. Recommended for those studying for Accounting Certification.
AMS315-AMS360: Client Portal Tips & Tricks Not yet an expert on Vertafore's client portal? Come to this session to learn some tips and tricks on how to maximize the value of Client Portal for your agency.
AMS316-SalesTrack Tips and Tricks-How To Get The Most Out Of Your Product We know your agency replies on SalesTrack for Lead, Opportunity, & Pipeline Tracking and that's why, in this session we will focus on how you can build additional Dashboards & Reports to gain more visibility of your sales efforts. In addition, we will answer any questions you have on how to use SalesTrack in the most efficient and effective way
AMS321-Riddle Me This - WHO DONE IT? Hear Available Options to Audit AMS360 Data and Workflows Let's take some of the mystery out of your data using tools in ImageRight/WorkSmart, Activity, Reporting, Workflows. This session will be supplemented with continuing webinars offered by NetVU following conference.
AMS322-Submit or Else! Submissions That Get To The Top of The Stack What is are Best Practices for submissions? Learn more about how to enter the data once and use it multiple times.
AMS323-What's In A Name? Client Setups for PL & CL We'll look at Best Practices for Client set ups, combining CL and PL into one client, how to set up and why to or not to set up.
AMS324-Accounting: Carrier & Producer Payables In this review of company and producer payables, you will learn how to create an account current and commission statement, individually and multiples at one time. You will learn how to correct commissions, premium and personnel.
AMS331-Jump On The Highway: TransactNOW and eDocs Speed Up Client Servicing By Reducing Double-Entry As we move down the data highway, we'll look at PL Rating, Reference Connect, TransactNOW and eDocs to increase your efficiency. This session will be supplemented with continuing webinars offered by NetVU following conference.
AMS332-Those Darn Claims: Efficient and Effective Claims Processing Learn Best Practices of Claims Processing in AMS360.
AMS333-Import/Export: Using Schedule Data Imports We'll take a look at the efficiencies of using schedule imports and exports for daily processes.