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CH3032003 - AMS360 Accounting: Subsidiary Ledgers

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Subsidiary Ledgers…A Look Under the (Balance) Sheet For More Detail
Join the AMS360 Accounting NetVU Chapter for our upcoming meeting focused on the Subsidiary Ledger Reports in AMS360. These reports provide supporting sub-ledger details for the Balance Sheet Accounts impacted by daily invoicing and certain other financial transactions.
In this fast-paced 90-minute session, you gain a thorough understanding of:
• Both the "plain" Subsidiary Ledger & the Aged Ledger reports
• Options for the report
• Which GL accounts the report covers
• How the report can help manage your agency's accounting
• How to export the report & utilize it in Excel

March 12, 2020
Thu 1:30 PM CDT

Duration 1H 30M

This live web event has ended.

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