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CH3242009 - Sagitta Accounting: Latest Features Deep Dive

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Sponsored by: Sagitta Accounting NetVU Chapter
Hear from Vertafore product managers/owners/developers as they partner with actual product users/NetVU members to demonstrate new features in practice and how they’ll benefit you. Increase your understanding of what’s possible in your own firm. This is a 60 minute session with 15-30 minutes reserved for Q&A.

Top Three Learning Outcomes:
1.Multi Bill-To Import/Export Capability in 20R2 Release
2.Agency Commission Hierarchy Changes in 20R1 Release
3.PRD Vendor Type Options in 20R1 Release

We’ll also discuss the following updates:
•Changes to the Production Report for export – added three new columns [Estimated Premium, Est. Commission, and a OneStep DB flag (to denote the DB type)]
•Added a column for the invoice number on the grid for Insurer Receipts and CB Receipts
•Fix for the Staff Global Change to change the Client or Policy Multi records


  • Bruce Westman

    Director of Product Management, Vertafore

    Bruce is currently a Director of Product Management at Vertafore. He works closely with development working on Sagitta feature work and is also currently the liason with the Sagitta PM&E committee. Bruce has worked in various capacities within the Sagitta development group over the years and also spent many years in customer support as the lead accounting person. He continues to present at various seminars, conferences and user group meetings.

  • Bill Henson

    Director-Customer Success Technical Manager, Vertafore

    Bill has been involved in insurance agency automation since 1985 when he began as a programmer/consultant with Creative Information Systems (CISCO). In 1989, he was an integral part of the development team that built Gemini II. In 1995, when CISGEM became part of AMS, he continued to direct portions of development for the product that is known today as Sagitta until 2010. From then on, he focused on integrations between all of Vertafore's products and is currently assisting numerous clients and Sales initiatives. He is a huge futbol and hockey fan but is also an active member of the Canton CT Lions Club and its past president. 

  • Ashley Walden

    Controller/IT Liaison, Harmon Dennis Bradshaw Insurance

September 17, 2020
Thu 11:30 AM CDT

Duration 1H 30M

This live web event has ended.

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