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CH3032009 - AMS360 Accounting: Becoming Paperless

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Join the AMS360 Accounting Chapter for our upcoming meeting. Your agency has gone paper/file-less in your service departments, and you have had a goal of doing the same in accounting and administration. In this new remote environment, being paper/file-less in accounting is no longer a goal but a necessity! Note that this webinar will focus on firms using AMS360.

During this session we will explore how you can finally efficiently take accounting and administration to the important step of becoming paperless.

Some topics covered will include:

  • Planning steps for becoming paperless
  • Implementation steps for becoming paperless
  • Use of front end (My Documents) features
  • Tracking of backlog
  • Moving documents/tasks between team members
  • Direct bill commission statements
  • Deposits/receipts
  • Documenting actions taken (activities)