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CH2602010 - Improving Your Agency’s Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

If your agency has adopted Microsoft 365, you have everything you need to collaborate with your co-workers and communicate with your clients during these unprecedented times. Microsoft Teams provides a simple and intuitive interface that enables your team to conduct online staff meetings, chat with members of their department, share their screens, and video conference with their clients.

Join Adam Atwell, Director of Professional Services at Kite Technology, and Andrea Axne, Business Operations Manager at Clark-Mortenson Insurance, for an informative session focusing on how your agency can utilize the features and functionality within Microsoft Teams to improve collaboration and communicate more effectively.

During this session we’ll cover:
• How to access Microsoft Teams from your PC, laptop, and mobile devices
• Best practices and tips for setting up your agency’s Teams Environment
• How to schedule and conduct remote meetings and conference calls and take advantage of features like screen sharing, video conferencing, and more
• Using the Chat feature to interact with your team
• Use-cases for Microsoft Teams in independent insurance agencies

At the conclusion of the presentation by Kite Technologies, the Western PA chapter leaders will facilitate a 30 minute session to share favorite Microsoft product tips and tricks.