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Accounting Unique to Insurance Agencies - August-September, 2021

Missed the live classes?  You can still benefit from Janet's instruction...just purchase and watch the recordings!  You'll have access to all the course has to offer - at your desk when time permits!
Not all accounting is created equal! Come learn how and why insurance agency accounting differs from standard bookkeeping and accounting practices. Learn from an expert about agency-specific tasks - Janet Tuttle, Controller at CoverDesk and Greenway Insurance will guide your journey through these concepts vital to understanding the financial aspect of your agency.

This course is applicable to all insurance management systems and is not specific to any single Vertafore management system. The information shared during this webinar series will be particularly helpful to agency accounting personnel with limited insurance accounting experience and the accounting novice who wants to know the impact of billing processes. This is also great information for customer service staff responsible for billing. And, if you are an agency owner or manager who wants to have a better understanding of the financial side of your business, this is a must-attend course.
Students of this course will be given a workbook that includes:

  • Detailed examples of the concepts presented
  • Homework problems to solve and test your understanding of the material
  • Summary reference guide of all accounting transactions discussed
This class is taught in four 90-minute virtual sessions. The curriculum includes:

  • T-Accounts - understanding debits and credits
  • General Ledger Chart of Accounts overview
  • How to read a financial statement
  • Insurance Agency-specific General Ledger Accounts
  • Financial Statement effects of Invoicing Transactions, including Premium Finance Transactions
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Insurance Account Reconciliation, including Accounts Current and Direct Bill Commission

If you don't know your account current from your accounts receivable, make time to watch the NetVU University recording of "Learn the Lingo - Elements of Agency Accounting". In this session, you'll learn accounting terms and references that will be used in this series.

About your instructor:

Janet Tuttle
Director-Accounting Services
CoverDesk and Greenway Insurance

Janet Tuttle is currently a Director-Accounitng Services at CoverDesk. Janet has over 35 years of accounting experience, 26 specifically dedicated to insurance-specific issues. During her career, she has conducted workshops and taught bookkeeping for agency personnel for over 25 years. She has been involved with the local insurance agents associations since 1989. She is also well versed in Outlook, Word and Excel.