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Promoting Digital Adoption in Carrier Community

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Attention Carriers NetVU leaders eager to help YOU!
Please join a discussion with NetVU leaders and fellow carriers on how NetVU can help you and our members grow utilization of the connectivity tools (edocs, download, etc.) available to them.
NetVU has heard from carriers and agencies about the need to help agencies better optimize the digital connectivity tools carriers have developed for them.  During this call we will share an idea to have a Carrier Tech Hub at accelerate where digital teams from carriers will be able to work one on one with agencies to review what has been turned on and identify opportunities to digital optimize workflows.  This is your opportunity to share a digital health check with your partner agencies and we want to make the best use of your time.
Call is open to those within carrier organizations who have the power to share connectivity tools and walk agencies through these updates so they can leave Accelerate with greater use of the tool’s carrier teams have developed.