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AMS360 CSR New Hire Training Path

AMS360 CSR New Hire Training Path

Welcome to NetVU University’s AMS360 CSR New Hire Training Path. The training path is a recommended curriculum for anyone new to the insurance industry or the AMS360 management system. If you have some experience in AMS360 and are seeking to expand your knowledge or if you have knowledge of another agency management system, the first step is to discuss the training path with your manager.

Course Materials
This course will include both a Learner's Guide& Manager's Guide. Also includes step-by-step procedures (job aids), a curated video library for visual learners, and Knowledge Check Activities. You will have access to the course up to 4 months following the purchase.

The Training Path Structure
Lesson 1: Navigation (1hr 37min)
• Lesson 2: Adding Customers and Adding Policies (2hrs 19 min)
• Lesson 3: Activities and Suspense (8min)
• Lesson 4: eForms (43min)
Lesson 5: Policy Management (56 min)
• Lesson 6: Proof of Insurance (1hr 32min)
• Lesson 7: Renewals (1hr)
• Lesson 8: Form Letters (1hr)
• Lesson 9: Claims (1hr)
• Lesson 10: Invoicing (8 min)
• Final Knowledge Check Activity (3hrs)

Duration: 13 Course Hours

Self-Paced: Complete the course at your own speed.

All course purchases must be made through the student's NetVU University account. In order to facilitate this process, we require all students to log in with their unique login credentials. For students who do not possess login credentials, please send an email NetVU at or call us at 1-800-456-7799, indicating your need for login credentials. Once you have gained your login credentials, please navigate back to this course and proceed with your purchase.