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PFAS: Educating the Contractor and Customer (A Partner State Virtual Course)

Program Description:

How do you share information about “Forever Chemicals” with your customers when they learn their water system has become contaminated? With over 5,000 variants, “PFAS” is the most often used and misunderstood phrase.

As a contractor, you have a well-established and trusted relationship with your customers. You need to understand how to share PFAS information with your customer and educate them on possible steps they may need to pursue. This offering provides you with a better understanding of PFAS and how you can inform their customers, as well as how a State Association can serve as a resource

Program Objectives:
  • Overview of the PFAS problem
  • What is PFAS
  • What water Well Contractors need to know
  • What consumers need to know
  • Role of the association.
Estimated Contact Time: 1 hour

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