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X - Michigan Ground Water Association

Welcome everyone to the 2021 VIRTUAL Education Portal for the Michigan Ground Water Association!

This year, due to COVID-19, we have had to cancel our in-person event, but the Michigan Ground Water Association is still very committed to bringing you access to our great Manufacturers and Suppliers, as well as education tracks for each of you to use in the obtaining of your Education Credits for license renewal, and to help further your knowledge of this industry!

Click here to “Sign In” (if you already have an NGWA website account) or here to “Sign Up” for an NEW account.

(The Sign Up link will allow you to create an account on so that you can take courses available on NGWA University and receive certificates of attendance. It does not mean that you are joining NGWA.)

You may purchase all 6 courses listed below at a bundled price of $125 by going to Michigan Ground Water Association Bundled Package

Or you may register for each of these courses individually below: