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Heavy Equipment Ownership: Annual Costs and Predictive Maintenance

Estimated contact time: 1 hour

  • NGWA: 0.1 CEU (1 CEU = 10 hours)
  • Per state: Varies, see specific state recognition in description
  • Continuing Education FAQs
Program description:
Every piece of equipment has a working life and life cycle--part of the annual cost of ownership. The cost for heavy equipment and support vehicles includes the scheduled maintenance and attention needed to both preserve that life cycle and eliminate or at least minimize down time. Failure to adhere to prescribed maintenance impacts your drilling and overall business operations and can even prevent your safely getting to/from the job. Technological advances in tires and low-sulfur and biofuels have altered some maintenance procedures and time frames so reviewing the manufacturers’ suggestions for your “new” equipment is imperative as it could dramatically differ from previous practice.

State-specific CEU recognition:
  • Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control – 1 contact hour
  • Florida Water Well Contractors Continuing Education Program — 1 hour
  • Georgia Water Well Standards Advisory Council — 1 hour
  • Indiana Department of Natural Resources — 1 hour for well driller and pump installer
  • Iowa Department of Natural Resources — 1 CEU for well driller and pump installer
  • Louisiana Department of Natural Resources — 1 credit hour
  • Maryland State Board of Well Drillers — 1 credit hour
  • Minnesota Department of Health — 1 contact hour
  • Montana Board of Water Well Contractors —1 CE
  • Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services — 1 CEU 
  • New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection — 1 CEP
  • North Dakota State Water Commission — 1 CEC
  • Ohio Department of Health — 1 CE hour
  • Oklahoma Water Resources Board — 1 CEU
  • Oregon Water Resources Department — 1 CEC ( approved through January 2023)
  • Tennessee Division of Water Supply — 1 CE
  • Washington Department of Ecology — 1 CEU
  • Wyoming State Engineer’s Office — 1 CPC