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State of the U.S. Water Well Industry Report - 2023

What a time to be in this industry! With record demand, unprecedented challenges, and an unpredictable world, things look very different today than a couple of years ago. This presentation on the State of the U.S. Water Well Industry is based on 886 responses to the State of the U.S. Water Well Industry survey conducted December 2022 – January 2023. The report gathers contractors and supplier perspectives on the current challenges, opportunities, and trends within the water well industry. It is in this environment that The Water Systems Council has embarked on its second annual State of the U.S. Water Well Industry Report. The intent is to give business leaders access to information, benchmark data, and insights that will help them make decisions and capitalize on opportunity. At the same time, this report gives a voice to those in the industry and educates those outside of our industry on who we are and why what we do is so important. Survey respondents were asked to weigh in on their industry outlook and what’s driving it, regulation, environmental factors, technology, investment, and COVID impact. In addition, survey respondents shared information on themselves and their business that presents a clear view of the industry make-up. The insights derived from diverse industry respondents on a wide range of topics are intended to fuel strategic discussions and facilitate decision-making within well contractors and suppliers’ business.

This course has not been pre-approved by states for continuing education hours.