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Efficient Water Management with the New SQE and SQFlex Controllers

This presentation will provide a look at the future of water control as we introduce the new CU 202 (SQ Flex) and CU 302 (SQE) controllers by Grundfos. These cutting-edge controllers offer versatility for a wide range of water supply applications. With tank level and pressure control, the CU 202 provides a solar solution for residential or rural applications. While the CU 302, is primarily used for constant pressure, making it ideal for residential intake and irrigation.
Designed for efficiency, these controllers work with Grundfos’ high-efficiency SQE and SQFlex pumps, delivering energy savings. Bluetooth connectivity to the Grundfos Go app makes installation a breeze with its detailed interface and data logging capability. With pump protection as an added layer of security, these controllers not only save time for installers but also enhance the value provided to end users. Remote monitoring with Grundfos Connect will provide assurance that the system is running as intended 24/7. Step into a future of water management that benefits all, where efficiency, ease, and performance converge with Grundfos' CU 202 and CU 302 controllers. Welcome to a brighter, more efficient future with Grundfos.

This course has not been pre-approved by states for continuing education hours.