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Improve your Marketing by Creating a Digital Twin of your Sales Team

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More and more of the customer journey takes place online, often outside the reach of your sales team. Yet manufacturing reps are a critical part of your sales and marketing process, as they’re highly-trained with in-depth product knowledge.
In this webinar, Greg Mischio of Winbound will show you how you can reach prospects online by using content to create a “digital twin” of your sales team. He’ll share insights on:

  • Integrating your sales team into your content marketing approach
  • Creating the most effective piece of content for each stage of the customer journey
  • Using content to create “referral” sources, much like your sales team does
Manufacturers are using the concept of the Digital Twin to create digital representations of their physical manufacturing assets to improve performance and quality. Find out how to extend this to your marketing and sales approach.

The Presenter: Greg Michio, Founder of Winbound Marketing
Greg is a founder, strategist, writer and speaker who decided to start Winbound after working for years as a freelancer doing content marketing for other companies. He has a unique understanding of manufacturing and distribution and will help you implement new ideas into your marketing and sales strategy.