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Know and Manage Your Loads: Stress Management Strategies for Work & Home

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Even under normal, non-COVID-19 circumstances, belt operators have to know their loads. Not only what they are conveying on the belt, but also the loads they carry in life.

Unhealthy and unregulated stress in the field, office and at home can be a serious source of:

  • Diminished productivity
  • Decreased safety awareness
  • Increased need for supervision
  • Tension between employees
  • High employee turn-over
  • Job dissatisfaction
Practical stress management strategies that are practical and proven to work are needed to address and reduce our most acute and chronic stressors at work and home.

Learn how to alleviate and manage stress from experts in both behavioral health and belting.

A Keen Mind Podcast
Top 25 mindfulness podcasts of 2019 & 2020. This show provides tips on stress reduction and each episode has a guided meditation. Click on the link to listen to the show.

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The 7-session series: Discover Your Self-Worth was released in May of 2019 and has been played over 39K Jude has recorded 26 meditations for the app which includes a two-part beginner series.

The trial code below will allow you to enjoy unlimited access to all of my meditations (on the app) plus all 100+ experts and 2,000 guided sessions for 1 month.

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