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Life and Limb: Leg and Paralysis Issues in Kittens - June 28, 2023

In rescue, almost by definition, we see kittens that face health challenges, including limb abnormalities. In the past, others simply said we cannot or will not help, but YOU can with a little knowledge, help from your vet, and some elbow grease.
Leg and paralysis issues are not uncommon in kittens, from the simple “twisted leg syndrome” to the more serious traumatic spinal issues.

In this webinar, Susan Spaulding, also known as ‘Kitten Mom,’ will discuss how you can work with your veterinarian to do as much as possible to help these kittens. She will describe protocols you can start early to help achieve the best outcomes, and she will touch on some of the ways you can modify common items to fit your tiny kitten. She will also discuss tools like the Assisi Loop and laser therapy that can aid in the healing process.