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Bringing the Past, Present and Future into Focus for Kittens - 01/11/2024

It was not very long ago in the United States that kittens too young for adoption or those with signs of illness were routinely euthanized. Happily, the situation for kittens in our country has been rapidly changing, and those same kittens who would never have had a chance in the past are now being successfully cared for and adopted into loving homes.

This session will provide the inspiration for attendees to continue in their life-saving efforts. Attendees will gain insights into past and present situations for kittens’ survival and will also acquire useful, proven information on new, upcoming programs and protocols being implemented around the country that are saving more kittens than ever. We can see a better future for kittens in our country, and together we can make that vision become the reality!

Presenter: Rosemarie Crawford, LVT