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Kitten 101: A Veterinarian's Perspective - 03/27/2024

The accessibility to individuals willing to foster kittens is crucial to their survival, but fostering kittens, especially neonatal kittens, can seem daunting to community members or even seasoned fosters. This presentation will touch on many aspects of kitten care: recommended supplies, the importance of quarantine, determining kitten age and gender, neonatal kitten care, age-appropriate nutrition, and preventative care, as well as common medical ailments that may be encountered while fostering.
Given that the speaker has the dual perspectives of being a veterinarian and a neonatal kitten foster, the hope is that whether the listener is a community member, affiliated with a rescue organization, manages a foster program, or is a member of the shelter or veterinary communities, this Kitten 101 lecture will provide useful insights and ultimately help save more kittens.

Presenter: Emily Coleman, DVM and owner of The Celtic Cat, LLC