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Installer: Intro and Safety (1 hr)

This is the first course in a series of 8 focused on the installation of septic systems.  The videos for this course were recorded at the 2018 WWETT show.  If you need a certificate indicating you completed all 8 sections please email NOWRA when you are finished.

There is a manual that corresponds with this course. It can be ordered online  from
Iowa State University.

This first course should take the average person 1 hour to complete. While taking the class, for Technical Support call (888) 705-6002 (8 am - 8 pm EST) or email

Presentation Learning Objectives

1. Describe why it is important to have a written safety policy.
2. List the primary reasons why accidents happen.
3. List the basic types of personal protective equipment needed to work safely on an installation job site.
4. Demonstrate proper lifting techniques.
5. Utilize proper lockout/tag-out procedures.
6. Identify site activities that require the presence of a competent person according to Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) standards.
7. Contrast the basic differences among soil types A, B, and C as referenced in OSHA standards for excavation safety.
8. List the manual and visual methods for measuring the compressive strength of a soil.
9. Describe the basics of OSHA-approved excavation sloping, shoring, and shielding; and dewatering processes, procedures, and equipment.
10. List the reasons why the atmosphere in a confined space might need to be monitored.