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Installer: Advanced Treatment (1 hr)

This is the seventh course in a series of 8 focused on the installation of septic systems. The video for this course was recorded at the 2018 WWETT show.

This course should take the average person 1 hour to complete. While taking the class, for Technical Support call (888) 705-6002 (8 am - 8 pm EST) or email

Learning Objectives - Media Filters

1. List the basic types of media filters used in the decentralized wastewater field.
2. Identify and understand the commonly configured treatment trains for the various
media filters.
3. Understand proper excavation and bedding procedures.
4. Understand the types of container or liners used and installation practices and
precautions for each.
5. Understand how to install filter under-drainage systems, internal pump basins, and
aeration piping.
6. Develop a sound understanding of the various media used.
7. Understand techniques that can be used to help insulate media filters used in cold climates.

Learning Objectives - ATU
1. Describe the components of an aerobic treatment unit.
2. Identify the various types of aerobic treatment units.
3. Understand proper excavation and bedding procedures.
4. Identify the different methods for introducing air into an aeration chamber.
5.Understand how to provide proper air exchange and venting for an ATU