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Installer: Soil Treatment (1.5 hr)

This is the eighth course in a series of 8 focused on the installation of septic systems.

Presentation Learning Objectives
1. Explain the difference between below and above-grade systems.
2. Define the various types of wastewater treatment systems including: shallow-narrow-pressurized trench, low-pressure pipe, bed, trench, bottomless media filter, at-grade, mound and areal fill.
3. Define commonly used design terms which are commonly used with soil treatment systems including areal loading rate, absorption area, and basal area.
4. Demonstrate the installation procedure common to all soil treatment systems:  identifying type of system, preconstruction considerations, site preparation, fill materials trench or bed construction, distribution systems, and final cover
5. Understand how to install soil treatment areas using appropriate materials.
6. Describe how to install soil treatment areas at the proper elevation.
7. Understand how to install soil treatment areas while maintaining natural soil conditions.