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TX-Past Present and Future of Wastewater - Dr. Lesikar, P.E.

Past, Present and Future of Wastewater in Texas


  • Describe timeline for rule revisions in Texas.
  • Define the changing goals for On-Site Sewage Facilities (OSSF)
  • Identify how the revisions address the evolution of the goals
  • Describe the roles/responsibilities of the licensed professionals in meeting water treatment goals
  • Describe OSSF water reuse as an important component in meeting water needs for Texas.
This presentation will describe the evolution of the OSSF program in Texas. The regulations provide a solid foundation for effective wastewater treatment. Periodically, the rules are revised to address the next issue facing Texas; waste disposal, water treatment, operation and maintenance. Water reuse is an issue growing within the State.

Dr. Bruce Lesikar, P,E, - Baker Corp, Director of Engineering
In his current role, Bruce is responsible for research and develop of  innovative/alternative processes for industrial water and wastewater remediation for use, reuse or responsible disposal. Previously he was a Regents Fellow, Professor, Associate Department Head and Ext. Specialist at Texas A&M University.  His work included research into effectiveness of on-site wastewater treatment systems under various climatological, soil, and water table conditions; wastewater reuse; constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment; wetland enhancement; innovative/alternative wastewater treatment systems for confined animal feeding and aquaculture; and non-point source pollution. Technology transfer in the areas of domestic water and wastewater reuse systems, groundwater quality, wellhead protection, and nonpoint source Best Management Practices (BMP) implementation. 

Bruce is best known by TOWA members as the gateway into the Maintenance industry as our instructor for the TOWA Basic Maintenance Provider (BMP) class, having taught thousands of Onsite professionals over the last decade.  Bruce has served on the TOWA Board, along with being a member and/or presenter with numerous State and National Organizations including the Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment (CIDWT), the American Society of Agricultural Biological Engineers (ASABE), National Society of Professional Engineers,  Texas Society of Professional Engineers and the Water Environment Federation.