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Troubleshooting Media Filters (1 hr)

This presentation will describe the design concepts of both natural and artificial media filters.  Performance of media filters is both robust and resilient under normal conditions, but extra care should be taken to ensure toxic substances are kept out of the waste stream. A sequential inspection checklist (such as that provided by the CIDWT) prompts the operator to examine and collect all the information necessary to troubleshoot a media filter system. This protocol should be modified depending on whether the system recirculates a nitrified effluent, disinfects, etc. If media filters develop overly thick biomats, they can be physically or chemically cleared of excess biological growth. Some natural media filters have a finite predictable media lifespan. At some point the exhausted natural media will need to be removed and replaced with fresh natural media. Artificial media filters ordinarily are not subject to this step. A detailed examination of the mechanism for delivering effluent to the filter surface is usually a key inspection point during media filter troubleshooting. Various models use gravity or pressure to deliver an equal liquid dose to the filter surface.

The instructor for this course is Dr. Kevin Sherman with SeptiTech.