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OH- Impacts from Water Treatment Devices & Microplastics - Dr. Sara Heger (3/4 hr.)

This presentation discusses water softeners, iron filters and reverse osmosis systems' potential impacts, and offer recommendations. Water treatment devices have the potential to harm septic systems due to the change in chemistry and increased water discharge volumes.The lint from washing clothing has the potential to make its way through treatment systems.This presentation discusses the issues and offer suggestions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain how a water treatment device might impact a septic system
  • Identify different water treatment devices in a home or commercial system that could cause issues
  • Describe the concern of microfibers from septic systems
  • Suggest options to reduce the impact of microfibers
This presentation was recorded at an OOWA training event in November 2019. It is approved by the Ohio Department of Health for 3/4 hr. CEUs for Ohio STS contractors (CEUs good for registration for the calendar year following completion of the course) & for Ohio sanitarians (approval good through December 22, 2021). For others, please confirm this OOWA course is approved by your certification body. Refunds will NOT be issued for those mistakenly taking the course.

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