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WA - Truck and Transportation Safety for OSS Workers (4-Hours)

Small business owners, specialty contractors and workers are exposed to hazards and potential fatalities in work activities transporting wastewater and operating equipment on both private and public roads that are unique to the wastewater industry.

We estimate there are over 10,000 employers and workers in Washington currently doing work associated in the On-site industry that include pump trucks, portable sanitation equipment, OTR (over the road haulers), and construction companies with dump trucks and equipment trailers. In addition, most companies are continuously hiring to meet demand have open, unfilled positions and are commonly reducing experience requirements to fill the need. This creates the added exposure of inexperienced, untrained and “new’ workers coming into our industry and increased risk.

Conservative estimates put workers at risk thousands of times a year in the wastewater transporters and construction industry. This class will raise awareness to safety issues around transportation of waste and equipment with a wide range of fleets, pre and post trip equipment inspections and service levels is low. Few companies have organized training for new drivers or the resources to develop it outside of “On the Job Training” that is typically focused on service and not safety related exposures.

This course is a self study, distance learning course that is modularized into 4 modules and a final course assessment module. The average learner will take 40 minutes work through each module reviewing the online presentation and using a comprehensive study guide companion document that is downloaded and printed by the participant. In addition, each module includes an integrated assessment tool to provide immediate feedback on key learning points.

Learners will earn 4 contact hours or .4 CEU as calculated by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training organization (IACET) for complete ion of the program.