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Reinvented Toilets & Urine Diversion (2 hr)

These sessions were presented at the 2020 NOWRA Mega-Conference.

1) Non-Sewered Sanitation Devices - A new ISO Standard for a Reinvented Toilet Delegates from Canada, the US, and some 30 other countries have been collaborating for the last two years to develop a new ISO standard for non-sewered sanitation devices. Intended to meet critical public health needs in developing countries with limited water and wastewater infrastructure, this new standard also carries important implications for water and wastewater management in North America. From national parks to suburban shopping malls, high-tech toilets meeting the new ISO standard could upend our approach to sanitation and our expectations about future water demands and water-related infrastructure.

2) Urine diversion is an alternative to advanced onsite treatment that can remove nutrients and pharmaceuticals with lower cost, less site disruption, and lower electricity consumption while producing a valuable fertilizer. Rather than combining all domestic wastes into one stream and then treating the entire dilute volume, the source separation of urine eliminates the great majority of nutrients and about half the pharmaceuticals before they even enter the mix.

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