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Tank Buoyancy & Watertightness (2 hr)

These sessions were presented at the 2020 NOWRA Mega-Conference.

1) There are many forces at work on underground wastewater treatment structures. Buoyancy is one of those forces, and can be significant enough to lift a tank out of the ground. Buoyancy is an essential consideration of underground tank design.

2) Strong, durable, watertight tanks are an essential component of every onsite wastewater system. To achieve effective, efficient, and reliable treatment, tanks must be designed to excel in the conditions they'll be exposed to during their service life. Watertightness is a characteristic that depends on the quality of the concrete, the tank's joints and sealants, the pipe connections, and the riser sections.

While taking the class, for Technical Support call (888) 705-6002 (8 am - 8 pm EST) or email