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Alcohol & Beer Wastewater Treatment (2 hr)

These two sessions were presented at the 2020 NOWRA Mega-Conference.

1) This presentation focuses on the methods used to design a septic system for the varying waste strength from different brewing operations. The presenter will examine the concerns attached with specific results (BOD, TSS, Nitrogen, pH, etc.) from testing and where these concerns arise in the brewing process. The environmental impact of each identified result will be examined, specifically focusing on disposal concerns. The presentation will end with a discussion on methods used to manage the wastewater and will include an examination of treatment options, standards that exist to address the concerns of the industry and considerations on pump and haul.

2)  The alcohol production for human consumption (e.g., beer, liquor, wine) industry is an example of wastewater generation that needs special considerations. The wide range of parameter levels and constituent concentrations in alcohol production generated wastewaters present challenges when it comes to treatment, especially when utilizing soil as the last phase of the treatment process. Failure to reduce constituent concentrations can create multiple issues. For instance, while mass loading of BOD positively correlated with the development of a clogging layer in dispersal areas, high sodium concentrations can cause dispersion of clay particles in the soil reducing the permeability.

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