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NOWRA Mega: COVID-19 (3.5 hr)

These sessions were presented at the 2020 NOWRA Mega-Conference.
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1) The current global coronavirus crisis caused by SARS-CoV2, or COVID-19 has highlighted the interconnectedness of our planet in ways that were underappreciated by the average American until recently. There are numerous issues that have arisen related to septic systems in relation to COVID-19.

2) The wastewater industry is no stranger to dealing with issues that affect how their businesses operate. This year the continent is not only being hit with horrible storms and fires but the world has also been hit with a Pandemic that is turning 2020 into the year that many businesses may end up calling their last year in business.

3) Maintaining normal permitting and inspections is crucial during this pandemic to make sure that the economy continues. This discussion will detail the subtle changes that were made in a small, northern Minnesota county during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that septic systems continued being permitted and inspected while at the same time ensuring the health and safety of county staff and contractors

While taking the class, for Technical Support call (888) 705-6002 (8 am - 8 pm EST) or email