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Reuse Case Studies (2 hr)

These two sessions were presented at the 2020 NOWRA Mega-Conference.

1) The construction of the new building gave our onsite industry a chance to create a wastewater treatment and reuse system that could be incorporated into the environmental education goals of the Nature Center. Onsite system manufacturers, local contractors and MOWRA members donated most of the materials and labor to construct the system. The system came on line in Dec., 2019.

2) Reuse wastewater systems have been common for municipal and larger community systems. However, reuse systems for small systems including single family homes have been less common. With advancement in technologies, it is now possible for small systems to be permitted, installed, and operated successfully. One single family on-site system in North Carolina was modified using a recirculating media filter to meet State regulatory requirements for re-use. The challenges, design modifications, operation and success of the system are presented in detail as a case study.

While taking the class, for Technical Support call (888) 705-6002 (8 am - 8 pm EST) or email