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Design: Overview of Design (1 hr)

The presentation explains the procedures for the design, installation and maintenance of onsite wastewater treatment systems. We know we have to follow the codes and regulations, but we also need to know why the codes and regulations exist – to ensure that the wastewater treatment and dispersal system is protective of public and environment health. That means that our treatment system removes the wastes and pathogens from wastewater and returns safe water back into the groundwater. In this presentation, Dr. John Buchanan from the University of Tennessee, provides a narrative how an onsite system should be designed, should be installed, and should be maintained in order to achieve the ultimate goal of protecting public and environmental health. This video was produced at the 2017 Oklahoma Annual Onsite Conference, so there is some reference to Oklahoma rule; however, the presentation is provides a general overview of the design, installation and maintenance process and is applicable for installers, service providers, soil evaluators, and engineers at any location.

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