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OH - Anaerobic vs Aerobic Treatment

Anaerobic vs Aerobic Treatment 

Description:  Within most septic systems, both anaerobic and aerobic processes are used to treat the wastewater. We will start with defining septic, trash traps and processing tanks where the primary form of treatment is anaerobic. We will discuss how capacity, compartments, baffles, and screens influence tank performance and how use patterns in the home can affect treatment patterns. The aerobic portion will focus on the treatment in pretreatment products such as ATUs and media filters along with soil treatment systems. This presentation will describe each oxygen state, discuss where each method is dominate and present a methodology to evaluate systems to determine if both processes are working properly.

Learning Objectives:  Understand aerobic and anaerobic environments, the biology, and physical characteristics of the different environments; apply smell, sight, pH, temperature, and DO levels in assessing the health of the anaerobic and aerobic environments.

Credits:  1.25 CEU/hr
  1. This presentation was recorded at an OOWA training event in November 2021. It is approved by the Ohio Department of Health for 1 hr. CEUs for Ohio STS contractors (CEUs good for registration for the year following completion of the course) & for Ohio sanitarians (approval good through XXX. For others, please confirm this OOWA course is approved by your certification body. Refunds will NOT be issued for those mistakenly taking the course.
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