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TX-Ethics of On-Site Design by a Regulator - Brandon Couch

Presentation:  Introduction of basics of ethics with discussion of concerns facing OSSF professional that work in private and public capacities. Presentation will cover policies and practices to ensure ethical operation in both roles. Presentation given from perspective of Mr. Couch’s experience working as an OSSF regulator for a county adjacent to counties he continues practice of OSSF design work.

BRANDON COUCH, RS, SE, DR, CFM, Engineering Associate, Travis County TNR
After more than 13 years in the private sector side of on-site wastewater, Mr. Couch joined Travis County Transportation and Natural Resources as a Designated Representative for the On-site Wastewater Program in 2010. Licensed in Texas as a Registered Sanitarian since 1998, his design experience within the varied geological areas of Central Texas has garnered a unique perspective on treatment and disposal techniques used in this area today. Mr. Couch also has experience with development of products to meet ANSI/NSF Standard 40 and State of Texas requirements including writing technical and training manuals.