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February 2020 Webinar Wednesday

On this webinar, Dr. Richard Gibney will share his journey to empowered patient care and how it impacted his facilities, staffing, and improved patient outcomes. His journey to empowered patient care began in 2006 when IHI (Don Berwick, Maureen Bisognano) first taught him the science of Quality Improvement and moved on to patient centered care and ultimately Empowered Kidney Care.


  • Mortality dropped from 16% (national avg) to 5.8%
  • Hospitalizations dropped from 1.7/hosp/pt/yr to 0.8
  • Cost decreased due to drop in hospitalization, decrease in staff turnover, and staff burnout
Both the dialysis and CKD programs empowered patients giving them control, dignity, and hope in a partnership to improve health and quality of life. 

Learning Objectives 
  • Explain how stories, relationships and trust are the keys to engaging the patient.
  • Describe how Empowered Kidney Care produces improvements in patient experience.
  • Recognize how EKC ultimately decreases mortality, hospitalization rates and costs.