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Marketing: The Path to Better Measurement

Are your online marketing efforts really working?

Well, in this module, online marketing expert Klint Rudolph will take you step by step through the tools and methods you'll need in order to help you get the most out of your online marketing dollars with a special focus on the features and functions of Google Analytics,

In the first of this two-module course Klint Rudolph helps you:
-Understand the concept of attribution and how to avoid the trap of last-click attribution
-Define the difference between Analytics, Attribution and Accountability
-Know the three key questions you need to answer to determine your attribution needs
-Determine how to attribute a sale to it's most logical source
-Identify and use a variety of Attribution tools through Google Analytics.

In the second module, Klint takes you through:
-The three core principles of the Path to Better Measurement
-How to Market in the Age of Assistance
-The three-step process of building your Path to Better Measurement

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