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CNYACE Webinar: Topics in Veterinary Dentistry

Presented by: Donnell Hansen, DVM, DAVDC
Topics in Veterinary Dentistry
MEOWW… Let’s Talk Cat Mouths
My goodness, let’s face it… cats have an uphill battle when it comes to oral health. Although they really only get 3-4 diseases, those diseases are so prevalent that many cats wander around with really enthusiastically painful mouths. In this lecture, we will mostly focus on the clinical and radiographic signs of tooth resorption and periodontal disease, however do not forget, cats are faced with stomatitis, alveolar expansion/osteitis, traumatic pyogenic granulomas, and oral cancers (most commonly squamous cell carcinoma but others like fibrosarcoma, FIOTs, etc are possible). It’s no wonder they wander around saying, “Me-OWWW” all the time… but thankfully, we are here to help our feline friends! It is so exciting!
Why Do We Care? The Difference Between Periodontal Disease and Endodontic Disease
In this hour we will discuss what really is the difference between periodontal disease and endodontic disease… and how does that affect our treatment plans in family practice. What does it mean for a tooth to be stable? And where do abscesses come from anyway? When do we need to extract and what can be done to save an important tooth? The answers to these questions become second nature when we really understand what disease process is affecting the teeth and how we can be help support the patient in front of you (and the family that is supporting them). Dentistry really is so much fun when you have the power of common sense knowledge guiding you!
Dental Emergencies: Yes! There Really is Such a Thing and Here’s How We Help
While in dentistry, most concerns are schedule-able but every now and then, you’ll come across some concerns that feel more urgent (and are often related to maxillofacial injuries). In this hour, we will discuss what are true dental emergencies and what kind of time frame do we have to address/support these patients. We will review what you can do to help in your hospitals and if necessary, how to triage these patients, and what to consider in treatment and long term prognosis.