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CNYACE Webinar: Topics in Anesthesia

Presented by: Noah Pavlisko, DVM, MS, DACVAA

Adverse Event Surveillance in Anesthesia
In a culture of infallibility, medical errors routinely go unreported despite overwhelming evidence that reporting systems enhance patient safety. This lecture will examine the different systems for reporting medical errors, analyzing data, and implementing changes to improve patient safety.

Using Cognitive Aids to Make Anesthesia Safer
Despite their long history across various industries, checklists are relatively new to the medical profession. This lecture will examine the benefits of using perioperative checklists, the basic principles of checklist design, and techniques for successful implementation.

Anesthetic Management of the Geriatric Patient
As patients age, their bodies undergo physiologic changes that increase the morbidity and mortality risk associated with general anesthesia. This lecture will review the basic principles of anesthetic management of geriatric patients and common perioperative complications.