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October 2022: Dentistry Beyond the Dental Cleaning

The objective of this lecture is to give attendees in-depth information to help recognize and be able to understand treatment recommendations for discolored, non-vital teeth, fractured teeth with various degrees of tooth damage and therefore varying consequences, tooth resorption and teeth which may appear to be missing but may be unerupted, impacted, associated with cysts, or retained tooth roots.

In this 50 minute lecture geared toward the veterinary technician, attendees will learn to recognize abnormal tooth color, tooth fractures, and the significance of these, and be able to recommend treatment options including extraction or root canal therapy. Attendees will also learn to recognize and understand treatment of tooth resorption. Finally, the differentials for a “missing” tooth will be reviewed, including impacted or unerupted teeth, dentigerous cyst, and retained tooth roots. Images of pathology and dental radiographs will be used to teach the subject matter.