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Emergency Medicine Board Review Course (Residents Only)

The Emergency Medicine Board Review Course is a powerful tool to assist you in your preparation for a certification, recertification or inservice exam. This comprehensive review of emergency medicine is divided into 55 lectures organized over 5-days. Upon purchase you will be able to navigate through the course as desired, jump from day-to-day, topic-to-topic. You will be able to watch the synched PowerPoint and audio recorded at the course and you will receive access to the extensive course syllabi and the PowerPoint handouts. Take notes and watch at your convenience. Check out the course schedule below. It includes a mix of traditional lectures, rapid review and rapid fire sessions. Click here for a preview of the course.

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Expires: September 14, 2023

For over 35 years, our renowned five day course has helped thousands of physicians pass their boards! Let our renowned faculty help you too!

Day 1
Test Taking Psychology - Dr. Paul de Saint Victor
Traumatic Disorders – Dr. Randall King
Traumatic C-Spine – Dr. Randall King
Upper Extremity MS Injuries – Dr. Mark Conroy
Hand Injuries – Dr. Mark Conroy
Rapid Fire Board Prep I – Dr. Sree Natesan
Cardiovascular Disorders I – Dr. Amal Mattu
Cardiovascular Disorders II – Dr. Amal Mattu
Clinical Pharm. Cases I – Dr. Brian Pennington
ECG Review – Dr. Amal Mattu
Geriatrics – Dr. Amal Mattu
Rapid Review I – Drs. DSV & King

Day 2
Cardiac Arrest Update - Dr. Amal Mattu
Infectious Disorders I – Dr. Jamie Hess
Infectious Disorders II – Dr. Jamie Hess
Clinical Pharm. Cases II – Dr. Brian Pennington
Cardiovascular Disorders III – Dr. Amal Mattu
Cardiovascular Disorders IV – Dr. Amal Mattu
Trauma Rapid Review – Dr. Sree Natesan
Renal/GU – Dr. Colin Kaide
Hematologic Disorders – Dr. Colin Kaide
Clinical Pharm. Cases III – Dr. Brian Pennington

Day 3
Ocular Emergencies – Dr. Sandy Najarian
Toxicologic Emergencies I - Dr. Hannah Hays
Toxicologic Emergencies II - Dr. Hannah Hays
Thoracic Respiratory Disorders I - Dr. Paul de Saint Victor
Toxicologic Emergencies III - Dr. Hannah Hays
Thoracic Respiratory Disorders II - Dr. Paul de Saint Victor
Rapid Fire Board Prep II - Dr. Paul de Saint Victor and Dr. Randall King
Toxicologic Rapid Review - Dr. Hannah Hays
Thoracic Respiratory Disorders III - Dr. Paul de Saint Victor
Oncologic Emergencies - Dr. Sharon Mace
Endo, Meta & Nutrition Dis I - Dr. Fred Hustey
Endo, Meta & Nutrition Dis II - Dr. Fred Hustey
Rapid Review II - Dr. Paul de Saint Victor & Dr. Randall King

Day 4
Pelvic, Back & Lower Extremity MS Injuries - Dr. Ken Butler
Nervous System Disorders - Dr. Michael Abraham
Abdominal & Gastrointestinal Disorders I - Dr. Joe Martinez
Abdominal & Gastrointestinal Disorders II - Dr. Joe Martinez
Rapid Fire Board Prep III - Dr. Paul de Saint Victor & Dr. Randall King
Obstetrical Disorders - Dr. Michael McCrea
Female Urogenital Disorders - Dr. Michael McCrea
Musculoskeletal Illnesses - Dr. Randall King
Ear, Nose, Throat & Dental Disorders - Dr. Ken Butler
Cutaneous Disorders I – Dr. Brian Browne
Cutaneous Disorders II – Dr. Brian Browne
Rapid Review III – Dr. Paul de Saint Victor & Dr. Randall King

Day 5
Pediatric Medical Illnesses I - Dr. Laura Sells
Pediatric Medical Illnesses II - Dr. Laura Sells
Pediatric Surgical Illnesses - Dr. Nicole Wallis
Pediatric Rapid Review - Dr. Martin Hellman
Psychobehavioral Disorders – Dr. Paul de Saint Victor
Environmental Emergencies I - Dr. Nicholas Kman
Environmental Emergencies II - Dr. Nicholas Kman
Ultrasound in EM – Dr.  Matt Tabbut

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