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Using Buccal Shelf TADs to Treat Compromising Class III Malocclusions

This webinar provides foundational knowledge to make you more comfortable treating challenging class III malocclusions and in gaining confidence when placing direct anchorage TADs into the Buccal Shelf.You will learn to rely on direct anchorage while utilizing your PSL skills with Torque selection, bite disarticulation and elastics to help achieve the ideal results without surgery.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Beginning with the end in mind: Torque Selection and simplified mechanics with TADs
  • Bite disarticulation for rebuilding the occlusion with class III mechanics
  • Incisor Retraction and space consolidation techniques
  • Addressing anchorage concerns by consolidating groups of teeth and continuing elastics
  • Using very light forces and being patient with TAD mechanics

CE Credit is not offered for this webinar
Original Release Date: 9/27/19
Review Date: 10/16/19
Expiration Date: 10/16/22