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Sparking Change in a Damon Practice

With the annual growth rate of the global clear aligner market projected to exceed 17% over the next seven years (Fortune, Oct., 2019), orthodontists recognize the continued relevance and value of this treatment modality to their practices and patients.

With the introduction of Spark™, Ormco’ s proprietary aligner system developed in conjunction with a worldwide group of orthodontists, doctors have a new and viable clear aligner treatment alternative. During the program, Dr. Dischinger will review how he achieves key principles of the Damon smile through using the Approver digital treatment planning software and taking advantage of recent innovations in aligner manufacturing technology and material science.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Achieving key principles of a Damon smile using Spark clear aligner therapy
  • Learn established principles of clear aligner mechanics that help treat a wide range of malocclusions
  • Explore the benefits of digital treatment planning through the Approver Software that can assist in achieving predictable results 
CE Credit is not offered for this webinar
Original Release Date: 03/18/2020
Review Date: 03/27/2020
Expiration Date: 03/27/2023