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Bracket Placement for Beautiful Smiles and Optimal Case Management

This webinar provides specific guidelines for bracket placement using the Damon System that will help you achieve consistent functional occlusions and beautiful smiles in your practice. Viewers will learn how to produce consistently beautiful “smile arc smiles” while enjoying the benefits of PSL mechanics using the Damon System.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding and recognizing the components of a beautiful smile and a “finished” case 
  • Identifying the effects and planning considerations for aging on incisor display 
  • Bracket Placement for consistent functional occlusions and preserving or creating “Smile Arc”

Dr. Kammerman is a paid speaker for Ormco Corporation. The opinions presented in this program are those of the lecturer(s). Patient results may vary. Clinicians use your own judgment in treating your patients.
Ormco Corporation does not receive any external commercial
financial support for this program.

CE Credit is not offered for this webinar
Original Release Date: 04/13/20
Review Date: 04/13/20
Expiration Date: 04/13/23