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Realizing the Benefits of Passive Self-Ligation (PSL)

In this webinar series, Dr. Bicknell reviews the many benefits of Damon™ System passive self-ligation and demonstrates easy-to-implement protocols for efficiently treating cases to optimal finishes. Through a series of case examples, the mechanics for success with PSL will be explored along with case planning approaches, torque selection, space closure, finishing, and more. The goal of the series is to help you capitalize on the system by improving efficiency and predictability while obtaining amazing outcomes for more of your patients.

Why PSL & Advantages
How Dr. Bicknell achieves treatment efficiencies that have led to a reduction in number of appointments and overall treatment time. By extension, how this has delivered a more relaxed daily schedule enabling improved outcomes and better patient experiences at his practice.

Fundamentals & Mechanics
Essential protocols for treatment planning, elastics, and wire sequencing will be detailed. Defining and obtaining a beautiful natural arch form will also be reviewed along with bracket positioning for both smile arc and functional occlusion.

Challenging Cases & Practice Differentiation

Easy to implement mechanics for challenging cases will be highlighted with a focus on addressing Class II cases. Examples from the simple to those requiring adjunctive treatments will be covered in detail. Finally, strategies to make your practice the obvious choice in today’s competitive marketplace will be provided.

Dr. Bicknell is a paid speaker for Ormco Corporation. The opinions presented in this program are those of the lecturer(s). Ormco is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Patient results may vary. Clinicians use your own judgment in treating your patients.

CE Credit is not offered for these webinars
Original Release Date: 05/08/20
Review Date: 05/08/20
Expiration Date: 05/08/23
MKT-20-0388, 0389, & 0396