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Understanding Nasal Sinus Anatomy and Function & How to Diagnose TMD

In this two-part webinar attendees will better understand nasal anatomy, landmarks, and basic functional aspects of the nasal complex. As dentists we need to know when and how to refer to our medical colleagues. Additionally, Dr. Klauer will review how to properly evaluate someone with symptoms of TMD and what a comprehensive evaluation entails.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Why the nose is important to us dentists
  • Major Functions of the nose and nasal cavity
  • What do look for and when to refer to an ENT
  • Getting comfortable with reading CBCT’s
  • Relevant aspects to a TMJ evaluation
  • Typical treatment options
  • Common Physical Therapy Modalities
  • Relationship with orthodontics, malocclusion, and TMD

CE Credit is not offered for these webinars
Original Release Date: 05/18/20
Review Date: 05/18/20
Expiration Date: 05/18/23