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The New Damon Ultima™ System

Experience the innovation and see cases from the most exciting fixed appliance breakthrough in the industry.

Part 1 - Introducing the New Damon Ultima System with Dr. Dwight Damon

Part 2 - Panel Discussion with Dr. Todd Bovenizer, Dr. Tom Barron, and Dr. Michael Bicknell

The opinions expressed are those of Dr. Damon, Dr. Bovenizer, Dr. Barron and Dr. Bicknell, paid speakers for Ormco. The speakers will receive an honorarium from Ormco Corporation for this program. The speakers have made all efforts to support clinical recommendations with references from scientific literature whenever possible and that images presented in these lectures are not altered to misrepresent treatment outcome. The opinions that are presented in this program are those of the speakers. Patient results may vary. Clinicians use your own judgment in treating your patients.