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Spark™ Approver Software™: Designed to Give Doctors More Control & Flexibility

During this webinar, Dr. Trevor Nichols will present an end-to-end overview of Spark’s Approver Software™. You will learn how to create and modify treatment plans utilizing the Approver tools to communicate treatment details and drive efficiencies in the treatment planning process.
Spark’s proprietary Approver Software™ is designed to give doctors start-to-finish control and flexibility. By incorporating innovative features like Posterior Bite Turbos and CBCT integration, Spark’s Approver Software™ makes treatment planning more efficient and predictable. In fact, 75% of Spark doctors agree that Spark's Approver Software™ provides a better user experience because it is easier and faster to use than the leading aligner brand’s software*.
*Based on a survey of 61 Spark doctors who have approved 100 or more Spark cases. Data on file.