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Root Visualization: Taking Diagnosis & Treatment Planning to a Higher Level

In this webinar, speaker will aim :

  1. To recognize the power of CBCT on 3D Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  2. To be able to import and visualize CBCT patient data within Spark’s Approver Software.
  3. To master 3D modifications simultaneously with CBCT

Learning Objectives:
  1. The orthodontist will have an accurate analysis of the patient's biological limits while reviewing and modifying the 3D treatment plan.
  2. The orthodontist will have the necessary knowledge on the use of CBCT with the Approver software
  3. The orthodontist will be guided on how to develop a predicatable treatment plan in the Approver software to achieve expected clinical outcomes.
  4. Understand how current and future Spark CBCT tools can assist the orthodontist in more complete diagnosis and treatment planning