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Keystone Veterinary Conference

16 Course items

Virtual Keystone Veterinary Conference (KVC) was on August 14-15, 2020. Here you can access the CE by watching the RECORDED sessions in case you missed them!

Each course provides 1.0 hour of approved continuing education (CE) credit. If you attended the LIVE KVC, you can click on any course to begin watching. After you watch the course, you can download your CE certificate. PVMA’s Education Center keeps track of all the courses you watch so you can access your records at any time. If you did not attend KVC, you can still register and get access to RECORDED CE.

As we receive the recordings from the vendor, we will be adding them to the course.
Click the currently added titles to go right to the recording.

Emergency & Critical Care Crisis Management. Let’s Get Salty, K?
Exotic Medicine Avian Reproductive Disease—Why It Happens & What to Do
Gastrointestinal Medicine Esophageal Disease: Much, Much More than Megaesophagus
Gastrointestinal Medicine Chronic Small Bowel Disease
Hospice The Etiquette of Euthanasia
Production Animal Medicine Stones, Sand, and Scalpels: Battling Urolithiasis
Anesthesia/Analgesia What Pain? Adjusting to the Opioid Shortage
Cardiology ECG & Arrhythmia Basics
Equine Medicine Foaling Season Emergencies - Foals
Exotic Medicine Reptile Anesthesia and Analgesia—When Isoflurane Isn’t the Only Answer
Exotic Medicine Food For Thought! Foraging Enrichment in Exotic Companion Animals
Exotic Medicine Top 7 Diseases in Exotic Companion Mammals
Gastrointestinal Medicine Protein-losing Enteropathies: Hypoalbuminemia Is Not Always A Death Sentence
Internal Medicine IFA, MIC, PCR…The ABCs of Diagnosing Infectious Diseases
Internal Medicine Hyperadrenocorticism in Dogs and Some Cats Too
Internal Medicine Feline Diabetes Mellitus
Keynote Heal, Spay, Love
Production Animal Medicine Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing: What You Can and Can’t Conclude From the Results
Production Animal Medicine Antimicrobial Stewardship May Mean Something Different Than You Think
Production Animal Medicine Show Stoppers: Fair Season Problems
Dentistry In the Dark: Interpretation of Dental Radiographs in Dogs and Cats
Dentistry Making the Diagnosis: Dentistry Zebras
Emergency & Critical Care CPR: A review of the RECOVER Guidelines
Equine Medicine Foaling Season Emergencies - Mares
Equine Medicine The Cardiac Toolkit- New Gadgets and Developments in the World of Equine Cardiology
Imaging The Complete Feline Renal Franchise: Predicting, Diagnosing, Staging and Monitoring Feline Chronic Kidney Disease
Internal Medicine Using the IRIS Guidelines for Diagnosing, Staging, and Treating Chronic Kidney Disease
Internal Medicine Canine Diabetes Mellitus
Anesthesia/Analgesia Anesthesia Monitoring for the Veterinary Technician
Dermatology Feline Eosinophilo-mania: Chasing the Devil
Dermatology Busting the Itch: New and Old Therapies
Emergency & Critical Care Trauma Triage & Resuscitation
Exotic Medicine Diagnostic Sampling in Reptiles—Advanced Procedures & Helpful Tips
Hospice The Art of Euthanasia and the Science of Death
Internal Medicine Feline Hyperthyroidism: Update in Diagnosis and Management
Internal Medicine Canine Hypothyroidism
Parasitology TICK TALK: What Do We Need To Know?
Parasitology Canine Heartworm Disease: What Do We Need To Know?