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Land O’ Lakes 22nd Annual Bioanalytical Conference

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The 22nd Annual Land O’ Lakes Bioanalytical Conference presented a unique look at what we had to learn very quickly in 2020 and 2021 in order to rise to the scientific and logistical challenges brought to us by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pharmaceutical industry rose to the challenge of producing vaccines and treatments at a pace we never thought possible. Bioanalytical laboratories worldwide played a significant role in developing these therapies to fight COVID-19 while also continuing to efficiently operate and bring new life saving therapies for the many other diseases of the world. In the three-day conference we looked at how many of the key advancements occurred, how they are being applied and what we see in the future of Bioanalysis beyond the pandemic. The way we think and operate has forever been changed and we offered a  look at these changes to reflect and learn and look forward.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the major accomplishments of the last year in the context of the challenges that we faced as Bioanalytical Scientists.
  • Learn of major advancements in bioanalytical science that enabled the success of pharmaceutical development in 2020.
  • Evaluate the changes in logistics and infrastructure such as patient-centric clinical trials and remote working in our laboratories and how we will apply them to be better beyond the pandemic.
  • Learn about the most recent breakthroughs in bioanalytical science in 2021.
  • Take a look at the horizon of bioanalysis: where will be beyond the pandemic?
Programming Committee
Chad J. Briscoe, Ph.D., BioAgilytix Labs (Chair)
Stephanie S. Cape, Ph.D., Covance (Vice Chair)
Leo Kirkovsky, Ph.D., Pfizer (Past Chair)
Melanie Anderson, Merck
Matthew S. Halquist, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University
Amanda Hays, BioAnalytix
Qin C. Ji, AbbVie
John Q. Kamerud, Ph.D., Pfizer
Seema Kumar, Ph.D., EMD Serono
Franklin P. Spriggs, M.S., Spriggs Bioanalytical Consulting LLC
Mark Arnold, Ph.D., Covance (Advisor and Liaison to PharmSci 360)